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Fowl Pox – Prevention & Treatment

Fowl pox is a highly contagious viral infection in poultry that causes painful sores on a chicken’s skin. Also referred to as Avian Pox, Sore Head, Avian Diphtheria and Chicken Pox, it is unrelated to human chicken pox and cannot be contracted by people from birds. Fowl pox occurs in two forms, Dry and Wet pox and while there is no cure, Fowl Pox can be prevented and the symptoms, treated.

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Chickens with Fowl Pox will often exhibit a drop in egg production, loss of appetite and/or weight loss in addition to the tell-tale lesions on the skin (dry fowl pox) or lesions inside the mouth and throat (wet fowl pox). Symptoms generally persist for several weeks in a bird and several months in a flock.


Fowl Pox / Avian Pox 

  • Wash wounds with plain water and clean with a clean cloth. Apply ointment to the wound with your finger.

The medicine should be applied only once and not again. Apply coconut oil daily on the wounds from the next day until they are clean.

CAUTION: The medicine should not go into the eye otherwise the eye may get damaged.

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