Pigeon Pox Treatment Medicine and Symptoms

Pigeon pox is a viral disease to which only pigeons are susceptible. It is characterized by pox scabs, which most frequently form on the featherless parts of the bird. The disease is caused by the Pigeon pox virus.  It can be transmitted by droplet infection from one animal to another, or more commonly through infected insects or the digestion of contaminated food or water.

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Pigeons are used in biomedical research for studies of vision, cognition, neuronal pathways, and spatial orientation. Because there are few commercial laboratory sources, research pigeons are typically acquired from local fancier breeders or bred onsite. For acquired pigeons, the health and vaccine status is often unknown. A juvenile pigeon, born onsite and living in an enclosed outdoor loft, presented with small, bleeding, wart-like lesions on the medial aspects of digits 1 and 4. Topical treatment was initiated. Within a week, 4 fledglings were reported for small, dark papular lesions on the face, head, neck, and beak, and shortly thereafter, 2 additional juvenile pigeons developed similar lesions. The fledglings were euthanized, and histologic examination revealed numerous intralesional eosinophilic cytoplasmic viral inclusions (Bollinger bodies) confirming a diagnosis of poxvirus infection, likely pigeon pox. Although usually self-limiting, pigeon pox can cause moderate to severe lesions in fledgling and juvenile birds. Vaccination with a modified live poxvirus labeled for chickens was used to create herd immunity to pigeon poxvirus. Since vaccination of our entire flock and implementation of more stringent health protocols, all lesions have resolved, and no new lesions have been noted.

Worldwide best medicine for pigeon pox. POX TREATOR GEL and POX RELIEF GEL.

Medicine Preparation: Wash wounds with plain water and clean with a clean cloth. Apply Pox Gel ointment to the wound with your finger. The medicine should be applied only once and not again. Apply coconut oil daily on the wounds from the next day until they are clean.

Caution: The medicine should not go into the eye.

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