All In 4 Breeder Pigeon Complete Breeding Nutrition Supplement

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Many symptoms, Treatment and advice

  • If the wings of a pigeon are thin and weak, then they will come long, flexible and broad.
  • The problem of not laying eggs will be fixed.
  • The problem of dove and small bird eggs not hatching will be fixed.
  • The weakness of pigeons and small birds will be cured.
  • After raising children, the problem of weakening of pigeons and birds will be cured.
  • The breeding problems of pigeon and small bird eggs will be cured.
  • Lump formation on the feathers of breeder pigeons will be reduced and it will be cured.
  • The blood loss in breeder pigeons and small birds will be complete.
  • The ability to fight disease in pigeons and small birds will increase.
  • Pigeons born after consuming these drugs will purr more than others.
  • This will also improve the reproductive process.
  • These will remove all the shortcomings of the breeder pigeon and birds.

Dosage of medicines and how and when to give them.

Dosage for Pigeon:-

  • Dosage these drugs in water to the pigeons three or four days a week. Mix Dynamism, Zest Growing, Bulit Bony, Maturation Vigor in drinking water and give it daily at the time of breeding.
  • Dosage for parrot, love Bird, small bird:- 1. ml. Mix Dynamism, Zest Growing, Built Bony and Maturity Vigor in drinking water and feed them daily during breeding season. 

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