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Useful For All Type of Small Bird

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Avian Liver disease in birds is usually a slow, progressive disease. When avian liver disease has advanced the symptoms become more obvious.

Hen birds  are more affected than cock birds.   Occasionally juvenile birds  may be diagnosed with liver disease when  overfed weaning.

Clinical signs of avian hepatic disease

  • Often vague and non specific clinical  signs of a sick bird .
  • Feather quality and colour change are associated with bird liver problems.
  • Overgrown beak  is a classic sign with hepatic lipidosis in birds.
  • Prolonged bleeding due to decreased blood coagulation factors etc.

What are the signs of fatty liver disease in birds?

Birds with fatty liver disease have non specific clinical signs like:

  • loss of appetite, lethargy, and depression.
  • Many are obese or overweight and the liver is enlarged due to fatty infiltration.
  • This fat can result in a distended abdomen leading to difficulty breathing.
  • Birds may diarrhea and slate green urine – Biliverdinuria.
  • Liver disease in birds results in poor feather quality.
  • E.g.. Budgies with overgrown, soft beaks have this fatty liver disease.
  • Some birds with fatty liver disease may die and the remaining flock are all affected.
  • Autopsy id So important after death in an aviary..

Avian Liver disease can be treated  – with exercise, correct nutritional support and appropriate medications, it is possible to reverse the affects of hepatic lipidosis. The liver is ability to heal itself and reverse Bird of the damage and return to good heath.

Dosage according to weight and Age for Single Bird:

  • Under Weight 50.g          –  1 Drops Livo Kind  Syrup with water
  • Under Weight 100.g        –  2 Drops Livo Kind Syrup with water
  • Under Weight 200.g        –  3 Drops Livo Kind Syrup with water
  • Under Weight 300.g        –  5 Drops Livo Kind  Syrup with water

Duration: Treatment duration:- 3 to 5 days.

Dosage according to weight and Age for Multiple Bird:

Dosage: Livo Kind Syrup Mix With 1-Litter Water. 

Duration: 5 to 7 Days


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