Pigeon Eye Medicine for Watery Phlegm and Infection

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EyeTreatment of Disease Caused by the Formation of Mucus in the eye and the Spread of water.

Symptoms Cause and Treatment.

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  • Disease of forming mucus in Bird eyes.
  • Disease of forming fiber / mucus in the eyes of a baby Bird.
  • Diseases caused by watery eyes in Bird.
  • Diseases of the baby Bird eyes.
  • This contagious eye disease is most common in Bird. 
  • This contagious eye disease mostly affects Bird babies.
  • If your Bird babies are getting eye-catching disease, you should understand that the virus is in your old age Bird and your loft / cage.
  • One of the main reasons for the spread of eye disease is also that many times we people who take pigeon from outside and leave them in our last, in which many times it happens that there is virus in it but if we do not know then it is because of that. Eye disease often comes.
  • There is also a reason that during the rainy season due to water going inside our loft and due to excessive moisture in the loft, this disease comes in pigeons.

Eye Relief – Eye Drop. Put Drops of the Medicine in the Eyes in the Morning and Evening for 3 to 5 Days. You will Get Relief From Day one.

Note:- This is a Treatment Medicine – Not a Virus Prevention Medication.

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